Commercial Vehicle


Do you own, manage or rely on transportation for the day to day functioning of your business? Regardless of your industry, mobility is inherent in almost every enterprise. This makes you reliant on your ability to move goods and people from location to location.


But not only does this expose you to environmental and safety risks, it means your business’ efficiency, and sometimes its very survival, hinges on your investment in commercial vehicles such as cars, trucks, trailers, utilities and cranes. That’s why securing that investment and minimising the risks they pose is so important.


Commercial vehicle insurance covers damage to your mobile assets – everything from sedans, vans and four wheel drives to goods carriers, caravans, dumpers, forklifts, tractors and loaders. It covers you for damage to your vehicles or the property of third parties. Significant claim examples include huge damage from a truck that derails a train, or a fuel vehicle that overturns, spilling its contents into rivers or soil.
So you think you are safe and that your risk management is good enough for you to carry the risks. But how well have you quantified those risks? A full evaluation by a risk expert can reveal serious exposures you were never aware of. The cost-benefit of insuring your commercial vehicles is often more clear-cut than it first seems.

Sure, it’s tempting to self-insure – but if your vehicles are financed or act as the central cog in your operations and you don’t carry insurance, you’ve got a significant uninsured loss just waiting to happen. It can cause massive financial failure and you can literally lose everything you own.
The distinct advantage of choosing fully diversified risk broker like Insurance House is that you have the freedom to choose from a wide range of insurance items for your business, sourced from different insurers if need be. This can then be combined under one insurance policy for a simpler, easier application and claims process.


We don’t just find standard commercial car insurance for you – we use our market knowledge and contacts to enhance your level of coverage for the widest range of risks. More than just a broker, we act as your business risk partners and tailor business insurance to your unique situation.

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